Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kaku no Fuyu / Nuclear Winter - Seinen Manga

Kaku No Fuyu - Nuclear Winter 核の冬 Is a manga with theme of modern war, we focus in the near future in Russia during the 4th World War. Imagine for a moment that in the future perhaps in ten or fifteen years the quarrels between the United States and Russia began to emerge, both with ahuge military power and nuclear weapons.

A war generates development of new technologies for greater military advantage, after 2 or 3 years of war, the United States decides to launch a nuclear attack on a large scale, large areas of Russia torn asunder and sunk in misery. There are enough safe areas but a large part of the country is contaminated with radiation.

Kaku No Fuyu we moved some years later in the development of a new war where several nations are involved, new technologies come, the world changes before a new crisis. The story is told of Nadia Peshkova a survivor of war, which is forced to participate in this war.

A history cruel and harsh, with suspense, death, and events that you will never forget.

Planned to put many images that would reveal the course of history, but at this writing I realized that I would not want to ruin the surprises and although they may be shocking, I think it will be even more shocking to see it in the course of events.

The history is divided into 3 main arches.

The end wasalready planned, as well as the drawings of the history and principal events.


Nadia Peshkova

Kaku no Fuyu (Nuclear Winter) is directed to a more mature audience, full of raw moments, intense moments,  sad moments and  charged with emotions.

I would like this future manga to be adapted into an anime series in the future.