Sunday, June 4, 2017

About Alexander Black Day

Hello I am Alexander Black Day an illustrator, indie mangaka, creator of gifs and tutorials. (16/ june/1992) (Photography 2012)

I have always found it interesting the world of art and entertainment, see something amazing and out of the ordinary, draw was only a hobby was until high school that I started to read manga and I decided to be a mangaka, I know that it is something that consumes too much time, health and effort, but working on personal projects is always rewarding.

My first idea for a manga was at the age of 16 years although I do not consider having enough ability to draw what I have imagined. since then I have had dozens of stories to tell, I have planned to publish my work in a Japanese publishing house or publish them for free online, it would not be wrong to team up with some Japanese mangakas. so it would not take that long to present them to you.  I have a huge list of projects to finish and maybe not even in my entire life can do it.



  • I don't like to become obsessed with things, read manga I do not consider it different to watch movies, TV series, listen to music or play sports is simply an activity that I enjoy.
  • If Gantz had never reached my hands might have had a normal life as a CEO of a company or a tramp.
  • I like exotic animals, the strange things, to know new things and to live as long as I can.
  • I do not consume alcohol, tobacco or drugs, I exercise constantly and try to eat healthily


  • Wolves, Hawks, Owls, Peacocks, Cats, Watches, Wooden urniture, Anything strange and interesting, The rain and The Winter.
  • Gantz, Berserk, Nichijou, Shamo, Uzumaki, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kaiji, Game of Trhones, Breacking Bad, Better Call Saul and The Last of Us.
  • Rise Against, Jack Johnson, The Pillows, Miyavi, Rip Slyme, Maximum The Hormone, Electro Swing and Indie Folk.